Die Casting Requirements and Definitions

zinc die casting Requirements & Definitions (Reference Aid Just – Mirroring )

A change at the metallurgical construction of an alloy transpiring within a time of period after casting, which affects the possessions and measurements.

Alloy possessions are usually separate from the ones of alloying things.

The electrode at a plating bath at that metal beams are shaped, negative ions are discharged, along with other oxidizing reactions come about.

Anodic Metal
Any metal that has a tendency to dissolve, rust, or oxidize in preference into another metal when the metals are attached electrically within the current clear presence of electrolyte.

To theme a metal to behave action as the anode of a mobile as a way to coat a protective or decorative picture.

As Cast

Atmospheric Corrosion
Surface corrosion caused by vulnerability to gasses or fluids that attack the metal.

Barrel Plating
Plating where the task is processed at majority in rotating container.

Brinell Hardness Variety

Extra metal still left at the finish of coil of a chilly chamber machine, shaped at the conclusion of the plunger stroke, and also called a slug.


Blow Off

Vivid Finish
A finish having a uniform non-directional easy surface of top secular reflectance.


Cass Examination

Casting Generate
The burden of casting or castings separated from the total burden of metal recovered in to the expire, expressed as a percentage.


Cathode Robber
An auxiliary cathode thus placed as to divert electrical existing to itself in parts of the articles getting plated that could otherwise have excessive a present density.

Cathodic Metal
Any metal that doesn’t often dissolve, rust, or daze in taste to another metal when the metals are attached electrically within the current clear presence of an electrolyte.

The recess from the expire where the casting is already formed.


Heat-crazing of a perish surface, especially when exposed to repeated heating by whistling alloys at elevated casting temperatures. The consequent nice cracks create corresponding raised veins die castings.



Chrome Pickle
The treatment presents some security against rust by generating a picture that is also a base for paint.

Cold-Chamber Machine

A lapping of solidified metal that at times does occur from the formation of expire castings that represents an imperfection or near the face of the casting.

Combination perish
A perish with two or a number of cavities each generating a separate part.

Composite Plate

Compressive Yield Strength
The maximum strain that a metal, exposed to compression, can withstand with out a predefined amount of return.

Tile quantity typically happening in metals and alloys to solidification and heating temperature. Cooling channel View Water lineup.

Core Pin
A center, usually of circular segment.

Core Plate
The plate into the cores are attached and then actuates them.



Corrosion Endurance
Resistance to rust as a role of time.

Protect, Protect Pass Away

Protect Gas

Creep Plastic
Deformation of metals held for extended intervals under pressures much significantly less than the normal return strength.

Creep Strength
The constant nominal tension that may cause a predetermined amount of creep in a specific period at a constant temperature.

Current Defend
A non conducting moderate for altering the present distribution in an anode or cathode.




Dichromate Course of Action
A chemical treatment such as aluminum, magnesium and inc alloys at a boil dichromate option, leading to a surface picture that resists rust.


Die Casting
The metal onto the surface of a die castinginto a thickness of approximately.020 in. (o.8mm), characterized by excellent grain arrangement and liberty in porosity.

Die Insert

Pass Away or Metal Safe
A procedure utilized in close-tolerance expire casting by which outside surfaces of the casting are deliberately made marginally under-size, and the interior surfaces marginally greater dimension. After a trial casting streak, all measurements are attracted within given tolerances. This procedure makes sure that all final pass away modifications, no matter how little, are made by detatching, rather than adding metal.

Dimensional Stability


Dowel Pin
A guide to guarantee registry amongst two perish segments.


The way that adheres for the items taken out of cleaning and plating baths.


Uninteresting Finish

Ejector,” Ejector Pass Away

Ejector Marks
Marks left castings with ejector hooks, often adding a mild collar of flash shaped around the snare.

Ejector Pin

Ejector Plate
The plate where the ejector hooks are attached and then actuates them.


Electro-motive Series
A list of factors arranged according with their standard electrode potential.

An adherent metallic coating applied by electrodeposition onto a substrate for the role of bettering the surface possessions.


The practice of providing molten metal into the die cavity to compensate for quantity shrinkage whereas the casting is solidifying.


The surplus metal is a result of the functioning strain and operating clearances from the expire.

A substance like as Halide salts used to safeguard and minimize nitric formation onto the surface of molten metal. Also used to enhance scrap metals.

Fracture Evaluation
-to determine these matters as makeup, grain size, soundness, or existence of flaws.

Tearing out of particles out of a metal surface by simply slipping friction.

Galvanic Corrosion

The passage linking a runner overflow with a die cavity.

Back in hot-chamber die castinga shovel linking a metal kettle or chamber having a wax or nozzle hole at the expire and containing passage by which molten metal is coerced in its way into the expire.


Hardware Finish
An especially clean, as-cast surface needing no polishing and tiny bit in preparation for plating.

Hardware Finish
An especially clean, as-cast surface needing no polishing and tiny bit in preparation for plating.

Heat Checking
Watch Checking.

Hot-Chamber Machine

Sexy Short

Very Scorching Tear

Impact Strength
Ability to resist jolt, as measured with a suitable screening machine.

A cavity in a perish.

The passage or aperture linking a runner having a die cavity.


The act or means of pushing metal into a die.

Inserts are normally put from the expire thus that metal is cast around that part abandoned exposed at the thoracic cavity.

Intergranular Corrosion


Knock-out, Free Piece
A center posture from the riot fastened into a perish and arranged as to be relegated together using the casting. The knock-out is then eliminated and used repeatedly.


Leveling Electroplate

Metal Distribution Ratio
The ratio of the depth of metal up on two defined areas of a cathode. (Watch Throwing Electrical Electricity.)

Metal Saver
A heart used primarily to decrease the amount of metal from the casting and also in order to avoid regions of excess depth.

Microthrowing Electrical Electricity

Miniature Die casting
Die cast processing on specialized hot-chamber machines that can develop really small sophisticated parts, by a fraction of an oz upto 16 ozs, to web shape and flash liberated, requiring no trimming operation.

Multiple-Cavity Pass Away

Internet Casting Generate
Watch Casting Produce

The socket end of a goose-neck or the tubular matching that combines the goose-neck into the spur hole.

A recess at a perish, attached into a die cavity with a gate, distant by the entrance gate (ingate).

Over-flow Gate
A passage or aperture linking a die cavity to an over flow.

Over-flow Well
A recess at a perish associated with a (lie cavity with a runner to assist in right environment ).

Parting Line
The link in between the pay and ejector parts of the mold or die. Also the mark left the casting at the expire concerted.

Taking away surface oxides from chemical or electrochemical reaction.



Percentage of a casting machine against which expire sections are fastened, or of moves against which trimming expires are fastened.

Plating Rack
A frame for suspending and carrying recent into articles throughout plating operations.




Launch whereby molten metal expands the shot pipe of a hot-chamber machine or is ladled in to the coil of a chilly chamber machine.

Pouring Slot
Port whereby molten metal is ladled in to the chilly chamber of a casting machine.

A range of procedures in which prototypes are based by machine, usually at a special plastic resin, either together with gear interfacing specifically with CAD data.

In magnesium peeling practice, the removal of magnesium oxide and other frozen non-metallic matter by usage of regular that preferentially wets the uterus and carries them into the underside of the kettle as slude.

Sprues, gates, runners, and faulty casting came back into the meltingpot.

Watch Cathode robber.


Runaround Scrap
Watch Re-melt.

Salt Fog Test
An accelerated corrosion evaluation by which specimens are vulnerable into a nice mist of a option usually containing sodium chloride.

Satin Finish

Non uniform distribution of alloying things, impurities, and micro-structures.

Semi Solid Metal Casting
Casting course of action utilizing semi solid raw material using relatively gradual ingate veloctieis, minimum turbulence and higher pressure through the duration of solidifcation to create high-integrity castings capable remedy heat treatment.

A perish filling or part of the casting cycle at which molten metal is coerced to the expire.

The total decrease in measurements of a casting in the mol fluid into room temperature.

Shrinkage, Solidification
Dimensional decrease that accompanised the arctic (solidification ) of metal in passing by the molten to tile sound state.

Shrink Mark
A surface melancholy, often called a shadow mark that some times does occur at a thick segment that warms a lot much more gradually than adjacent segments.

Percentage of a perish generally arranged to proceed parallel into the partin line. The interior wind creates a part of the perish cavitiy wall and some times comprises a heart or cores.

Sticking or adhering of wrought iron metal into sections of the perish.

Split up Gate

Metal that matches the conical passage (spur hole) that joins the hot or nozzle chamber towards the runners of a hot-chamber expire casting machine. (Many cold-chamber machines produce a slug and have zero sprue.)

A tapered snare with curved finish casting to a sprue hole and acting as a center to continue to retain the casting at the ejector section of the pass away.

Squeeze Casting
Casting course of action utilizing wrought iron metal using relatively gradual in-gate velocities, minimum turbulence and higher pressure through the duration of solidification to create high-integrity castings capable of remedy heat treatment.


Stress Corrosion Cracking
Crackin on account of the joint consequences of tension and rust. Usually this type of failure does occur as a nice hairline crack that propagates across the portion with out any external indication of rust.

Material up on which coatings are all deposited.

A gas used in minimal concentrations (usually significantly much less than 1%) using carbon dioxide and air to produce a protecting atmosphere across the surface of molten magnesium to minimize burning off and acidity formation.

Surface Treatment
A general expression denoting a treatment between a modification of plastic surface.

Tensile Yield Strain

Throwing Electrical Electricity
The progress of the coating distribution within tiloe primary present distribution around the cathode at a vigen answer below defined states.

The Bar, Tie-rod
A bar used in a die casting machine to put on cries secured against tension and in general also functioning as a way along that the movable perish platen slides.

Tolerance Limit
The stated critical amount of an impurity ingredient that if exceeded contributes to degradation of material possessions.

Trim Die
Pass away for shearing or shaving flash out of a casting. Either the perish is coerced within the casting, and also the casting is pressured through the die.

A recess from the sidewall or center gap of a casting therefore disposed that a slip or special type of center these as a knock-out is needed allowing ejection of the casting out of the die.

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